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Paraclimb Festival - Scotland's inclusive climbing competition

2019 Festival

The 2019 Paraclimb festival will take place on Sunday, 8th September at EICA Ratho, near Edinburgh.

The Scottish ParaClimb 2019 is being held on the Sunday after the SYCC alongside a new adult lead and speed competition. This means that the paraclimb routes will be spread across new areas of the Ratho walls, giving some great new challenges which have not been possible before.

The Paraclimb Festival is more than just a competition, with different levels of participation possible, starting with simply getting a taster of what paraclimbing is about.

  1. Come-and-try: An opportunity to simply come and have a go at climbing if you have never tried it before – no experience necessary
  2.  All-abilities Competition: Compete in the paraclimbing competition for FUN – routes and boulder problems specifically designed for para climbers

All competitors should ensure they come with appropriate care support if required.

Photo by Sandy Carr

All categories are operated as open events available to all.

There are no specific age categories but the minimum age for competing is 12 (in the year of the competition).

Competitors may provide their own climbing equipment (rock shoes, harness, chalk bag and helmet) but harnesses and helmets are available free of charge.

Climbing categories:

Categories for the Paraclimbing competition are changing this year to come in line with the International categories as defined by the IFSC in 2018. Competitors are responsible for selecting the category in which they wish to compete. If you are not sure which category you should be competing in, please get in touch. You may also wish to ask your doctor or physio to give advice in this respect.

1.      Visually Impaired (B1)

2.      Visually Impaired (B2)

3.      Visually Impaired (B3)

4.      Leg Amputee (AL1)

5.      Leg Amputee (AL2)

6.      Arm Amputee (AU1)

7.      Arm Amputee (AU2)

8.      Neurological and Physical Disability (RP1)

9.      Neurological and Physical Disability (RP2)

10.  Neurological and Physical Disability (RP3)

11.  Open Category (for anyone not covered by the above categories)

 There are separate male and female categories. Climbers will compete within the gender category with which they identify with. See our Transgender policy

Please Note: We may combine some categories depending on the numbers attending. In order to make this as fair as possible we will be using the same system used in IFSC Paraclimbing competitions. We will let competitors know of any combined categories upon registration on the day of the competition.


Photo by Sandy Carr

The event comprises a single competition with no qualifying round

Registration starts at 10am, the competition starts at 11am

Competitors can watch each other climb

There will be three boulder problems on which competitors will have three attempts

There will be three routes on which competitors will have one attempt

All boulder problems & routes will be top-roped

Competitors will be given a score card for the boulder problems & routes in their category at registration

Score cards must be handed to the designated judges of each route & boulder problem, who will then sign off the score achieved

The highest (furthest) hold used or held will determine the points awarded

Scores for all routes & problems are totalled to give an overall score

Competitors are responsible for bringing their own carer and support workers appropriate to the competitor's disability, to assist them to participate in the event. Mountaineering Scotland is not responsible for providing support workers appropriate to each competitor’s disability, but the staff and volunteers involved in the competition will do their best to help and support competitors to compete the best they can.

Click here to read the full rules of the competition series

PLEASE NOTE for the Mountaineering Scotland Festival only:

Rule “Clause 1.3.5 Disability Category 11 (in clause 1.3.1) “Open” may be subdivided”

We will subdivide the Open category, if there are enough competitors in each of the following:

·         Open 1 (EBD: Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties; ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; ASC: Autistic Spectrum Condition)

·         Open 2 (Learning disability, Mental health support needs)

·         Open 3 (Hearing impairment, Anyone not covered above)

If there are not enough competitors in each, the Open category will remain merged.

Please indicate when you book your possible Open Category in the comments section.

We will confirm with you before the event.

The scores and rankings used for the British Series will remain the combined “Open” Category

To be confirmed.

We cannot accept entry on the day, so please pre-book.

Members and non-members can book their place through the 'Members Portal'. Existing members who are first time users of the portal will need to set up their login via the 'first time access' tab and follow on-screen instructions. Non-members will need to log in to the portal via the 'join us' option, enter their details and follow on-screen instructions, then go straight into the 'events & courses' tab at the top of the page.

We will send you email confirmation of your booking and will then ask you to indicate which category you will be competing in and the further details if you will be accompanied by a support worker.

If you have trouble call our Admin team on 01738 493942

If you are keen to get climbing on a regular basis, then make sure to check out the Scottish Paraclimbing Club based at EICA. They will have a stall set up at the Paraclimb Festival in the arena and members of the club will be competing too.

You can also find the club on facebook and Instagram.

Kevin Howett (Sport Development Officer) tel: 01738 493 942