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Responding to development

As the voice of Scotlandís mountain lovers and mountaineers, we stand up against insensitive development proposals that would have negative impact on Scottish mountain landscapes.

We get approached by government agencies, local authorities, national parks and developers on relevant development consultation exercises and make responses where we feel it is necessary.

In recent years the number of applications to construct industrial-scale wind farms in wild land like Rannoch Moor and Glen Affric, has grown significantly and this has provided the bulk of proposals we currently object to.

Our decision to object is guided by specific criteria, reflecting our vision, Respecting Scotland's Mountains. It is only a very small number but if permitted, they could have a huge impact on the wildness of some cherished locations.

Photo by Alex Bryce.

Developers only have to inform us of large-scale development proposals, so we rely on the local knowledge and concerns of our members to hear about smaller-scale development activities that might still pose damage to Scotland's mountain landscape. 

Advice given to Mountaineering Scotland by planning officers is that weight of numbers can influence the acceptance, conditions attached or refusal of a planning application. Politicians and policy are also influenced by public opinion.

What you can do to help:

1. Check out your local planning authority's website to keep up to date with planning proposals in your area

2. Update us of issues that fit with our criteria for response

3. Respond to planners directly with your own comments

Safeguarding the mountains for future generations.

  • Find a full list of your local Councillors, MSPs, MP and MEPs (or those local to your particular concern) by searching by postcode on the Write To Them website. This website helpfully offers the option of sending your message immediately.

  • Alternatively, once you have their names, you can easily find their direct contact details via a search engine. Many politicians are now very active on Twitter, so you might find it useful to Tweet your message to them as well as email or letter. 

  • Here are some useful links to comprehensive information on MSPs including their interests and committee membership, the remits of Scottish Parliamentary Committees and Scottish Government Ministries and Ministers