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Indoor climbing

Whether you are looking for an alternative to going to the gym or are set on becoming the world’s next top climber, indoor climbing has something for everyone.

Indoor climbing takes place on artificially created walls which are typically vertical or overhanging, with holds which can be moved or changed to offer nearly endless challenges in both configuration and technical difficulty of routes.

Indoor Climbing is more popular than ever and is recognised internationally as sport, with various disciplines in its own right. The number of indoor or artificial climbing facilities that are accessible to the public is on the rise throughout Scotland, from traverse walls in primary schools to Edinburgh International Climbing arena.

If you want to learn more about where to go climbing, then check out our ClimbScotland website.

Getting started

How to take that first crucial step. What you'll need and what to expect when you go along to a climbing wall to learn how to climb.

Where to climb

With climbing walls opening all over the country, we list members of the Scottish Climbing Wall Network, dedicated to promoting climbing as a sport for all ages and abilities.


ClimbScotland is part of Mountaineering Scotland and is here to help inspire young people to get climbing, while giving parents, schools, colleges, youth organisations and climbing walls the skills and support to meet kids' climbing needs.

Skills and coaching

We offer a good deal in terms of climbing skills and coaching, working closely with other organisations to help the development of skills and coaching in Scotland.


There are a variety of competitions, ranging from local events run by individual walls to national championships, and catering from children to veterans, as well as a national paraclimbing competition.

For climbing walls

We have a range of resources available for the benefit of climbing walls, including information and advice, route setting services and more.

If you are after more info, then why not check our ‘Climbing Wall Essentials’ DVD which is available to buy through our shop.

ScotRock is the fortnightly podcast bringing climbers and mountaineers together to share some of their amazing stories.


Hosted by Calum and Robert from our ClimbScotland team, the podcasts take an often irreverent but always informed look at the people and the issues that matter in Scotland’s mountains and climbing walls.


Available on Podbean, Itunes, Google podcasts, Spotify and all other major podcast apps – just search for ScotRock

If you're not already a member of Mountaineering Scotland - as an individual or through membership of a club -  there are so many reasons to join, but here are just five which will interest you as an indoor climber...