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Our campaigning

We are campaigning to protect Scotlandís mountains and wild land from insensitive developments, whether it's industrial-scale wind farms, poorly designed structures or unsightly bulldozed tracks.

You can help us in that by reporting planning applications you think may affect mountaineering interests and can find out more on our Planning and consultation pages.

Some of our campaigns also reach out directly to members, asking everyone to do their bit to protect the mountains we all love.

In partnership with The Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland (OATS), Mountaineering Scotland has launched a new upland path campaign. Starting with a project to address the decades of erosion on An Teallach. 

'It's Up to Us' aims to develop a sustainable long-term funding model that will change the perceptions of the public, Government and agencies, to ensure that hill path repair and habitat restoration is recognised for its social, economic and environmental benefits. 

Read more about It's Up to Us 

Mountaineering Scotland, in partnership with the charity Trees for Life, is offering members the opportunity to have a tree or trees planted on their behalf to help mitigate yourtheir recreational carbon footprint, and support wildlife and biodiversity in Scotlandís mountains.

Read more about Tree a Trip

Our Tak It Hame campaign urges hill-goers to think twice about what they take to the hills with them and to avoid leaving any litter on their journeys. But more, we are asking that if you come across any litter when you're out, then you pick that up as well. After all, if you don't - who will?

Read more about Tak It Hame

Our Minimal Impact campaign goes beyond not leaving litter. It asks people taking to the mountains of Scotland to do what they can to leave as little trace of their passing as they can, and gives lots of advice on how to minimise your impact on the mountain environment.

Find out more about Minimal Impact