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Climbing guidebooks (printed and digital downloads)

  • Scottish Rock Volume 2 North by Gary Latter (Pesda Press) 2014. ISBN 10: 1906095469
  • Scottish Rock Volume 1 South by Gary Latter (Pesda Press) 2008. ISBN 10: 190609506X
  • Scottish Rock Climbs by Andy Nisbet (SMC) 2005. ISBN 0-907521-86-X
  • Rock Climbing in Scotland by Kevin Howett (Constable) 2001. ISBN 0-09-468-760-9

The Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC) publish the definitive climbers’ Guides to Scotland which include both summer and winter climbs. These are listed below and can be bought from most good bookshops or direct from the SMC. Additional crags and climbs not included in the printed guides are available as free downloads from the SMC website site. See: http://www.smc.org.uk/publications/climbing for previews, downloads and to buy.

  • Highland Outcrops South by various authors (SMC) 2016. ISBN 9781907233227
  • Inner Hebrides and Arran by Colin Moody & Graham Little (SMC) 2014. ISBN 9781907233173
  • North East Outcrops updated (reprint) by Neil Morrison (SMC) 2003/2014. ISBN 0 907521 74 6
  • Skye Sea Cliffs and Outcrops by Mark Hudson (SMC) 2012. ISBN 9781907233142
  • Skye The Cullin by Mike Lates (SMC) 2011. ISBN 9781907233135
  • The Cairngorms by Andy Nisbet, Allen Fyffe & Others (SMC) 2007. ISBN 978-0-907521-96-9
  • Northern Highlands South by various authors (SMC) 2007. ISBN 978-0-907521-97-6
  • Northern Highlands Central by various authors (SMC) 2006. ISBN 978-0-907521-90-7
  • Lowland Outcrops by various authors (SMC) 2005. ISBN 0-907521-84-0
  • Northern Highlands North by Andy Nisbet & others (SMC) 2004. ISBN 0-907521-80-0
  • Ben Nevis by Simon Richardson (SMC) 2002. ISBN 0- 907521-73-8
  • Glencoe by Ken Crocket, Rab Anderson & Dave Cuthbertson. (SMC) 2001. ISBN 0 907521 70 3
  • Arran, Arrochar & the Southern Highlands by various authors (SMC) 1998. ISBN 0- 907521-49-5

  • Scottish Sport Climbs by Andy Nisbet (SMC) 2013.  ISBN 9781907233159
  • Scottish Sport 2nd edition, A Guide to Climbs from 2-7a+ by Sebastian Rider & Topher Dagg (7a Max) 2012. ISBN: 9780954190651

Bouldering in Scotland is developing at such a fast pace that there is a range of selected and local self-published guides available. Here is a selection of current guides, however, the best source of information for up to date info, videos, new on-line guides and topos see: https://sites.google.com/site/boulderscotland/home.

  • Boulder Scotland: 3rd Edition by John Watson (Stone Country) Feb 2017.
  • Dumby Bloc by John Watson (Stone Country) 2013.
  • Torridon Bouldering by Ian Taylor and Richie Betts 2013. Available from North West Outdoors shop Ullapool
  • Ullapool Bouldering by Ian Taylor from North West Outdoors shop Ullapool
  • Gabbrofest (Skye Bouldering) available from BetaGuides: http://www.betaguides.co.uk/guides/printed-guides/gabbrofest-printed.html
  • Glen Nevis Bouldering by Tom Ballard (2005). Available in local outdoor bookshops.

  • Scottish Winter Climbs by Andy Nisbet, Rab Anderson & Simon Richardson. (SMC) 2008. ISBN 9780907521983
  • Cairngorms, Winter Climbs by Allen Fyffe. (Cicerone) ISBN 0902363-85-99-9 Available also as an ePUB and on Kindle from Cicerone
  • Winter Climbs, Ben Nevis & Glen Coe by Alan Kimber. (Cicerone) ISBN 1-85223-894-1. Available also as an ePUB and on Kindle from Cicerone

  • Skye Scrambles by Noel Williams (SMC) 2011   
  • Highland Scrambles North by Ian Thow (SMC) 2006
  • Highland Scrambles South by Ian Thow (SMC) 2017
  • Scrambles in Lochaber by Noel Williams. (Cicerone) 1996
  • Classic Mountain Scrambles in Scotland by Andrew Dempster
  • Scotland’s Mountain Ridges by Dan Bailey

SMC Journal. Most new climbs and newly discovered crags are recorded in the SMC Journal each year. These are now available as downloads from the SMC website for the years 2003 to 2015. See: http://www.smc.org.uk/publications/downloads

There are over 70 crag topos available on the Scottish Climbs old website at: https://www.scottishclimbs.com/wiki/Guides. They cover all climbing disciplines and although some are out of date there are some gems unavailable elsewhere.