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Developing your club

There are so many ways to meet up with others who share our passion for the hills and enjoy hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering activities these days. With busy lives, many people expect choice, want flexibility and look online for activities, events and companions.

It can sometimes be a challenge for established clubs to reach out and bring in new members, or retain those they've got, in this busy 'market place'. 

However with more people interested in escaping to the mountains, or climbing walls, than ever before, there is plenty your club can do to ensure you stand out and attract members, or just help ensure those you do have remain active and involved. 

Kirkintilloch MC

Here are our top tips for increasing membership in your club:

  • Use Social Media

    Social media is a fantastic tool which is easy to use and doesn’t require you to be a computer whiz to use effectively. It is a great way to raise the club’s profile to a wider audience and can also provide great insight into what your club is all about. Sites such as Facebook allow photos from recent clubs events or outings to be publicised easily. 

  • Posters and flyers

    Poster and fliers can be extremely effective. Think about where you put them. Key places such as local climbing walls and outdoor education centres are ideal in engaging with people who are interested in pursuing outdoor activities.

  • What you have to offer?

    Within our affiliated club network there is a massive amount of knowledge and experience. So share it. The Mountaineering Scotland club ethos is to ‘share knowledge and experience’ with others and it should be utilised in clubs to attract new members who are keen to learn. An example of this could be the club offering a navigation day for new members or a ‘show you the ropes’ indoor/outdoor climbing session.
  • Create links with other groups

    Making links to youth organisations such as schools, colleges, local Scouts or Girl Guide groups will help raise the profile of a club in the community as well as being a means for young adults who may have been previously involved in such groups to continue to take part in outdoor activities.

  • Events Calendar

    An events calendar is an opportunity to show the activities of a club throughout the year. This should be made as accessible as possible to potential members as it provides a written representation of how active the club is and what they can expect as a member.

Club marketing toolkit (pdf)

Download here

Club social media toolkit (pdf)

Download here