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Learning from more experienced hill walkers, mountaineers and climbers is one of the best ways to improve skills - and one of the great benefits of belonging to a club or meetup group.

It can bring with it considerations about duty of care and potential liability in the unfortunate event that a member has an accident, however this need not constrain clubs' activities. The guidance we offer below can help clubs manage their affairs in a way that minimises the risks for everyone. 

This may be particularly useful to new clubs, clubs with a high proportion of young members or clubs that take an active role in introducing novices to mountaineering and climbing. It also offers useful advice for members who visit the hills in informal groups.

We ask that clubs officers read our Safety and Liability Guidance as a condition of being covered by Mountaineering Scotland's club insurance. Members of clubs should be made aware of its contents too:

Preparing for your club meets by conducting considering the potential hazards and situations you might encounter is always good advice. You can download example risk assessments for clubs to use in planning their summer and winter activities.

Mountain safety essentials

Our website is full of useful advice on mountain safety and skills, from navigation basics to avalanche avoidance, all given by some of the most experienced mountaineering instructors out there! Take a look, suggest your club's new members do before they join you on their first meet or recommend it as refresher for even experienced members at the start of the season.

You are welcome to use the guidance in your own publications or presentations, although we request that you give us a little credit if you do.

The information we provide is not prescriptive and is offered as guidance. Our advice is based on current good practice and Mountaineering Scotland cannot be held responsible for any omissions.

Any questions?

If your club has any queries, concerns or suggestions not covered here, please get in touch with our team! We'll aim to help or direct you to someone who can. Email info@mountaineering.scot or call us on 01738 493942.