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Mountaineering Scotland Awards 2022-23

Thursday 23rd February 2023, 4:09pm

In the latest issue of Scottish Mountaineer,  we announced the winners of the 2022/23 Volunteer of the Year and the ClimbScotland Young Climber of the Year Awards.

These awards are given to inspirational members of the community, whether for their own performance and achievements, or for their services to the world of mountaineering and climbing.

The awards, which have previously been presented at Mountaineering Scotland’s AGM, were this year given to the winners on separate occasions due to availability and location. The Mountaineering Scotland Volunteer of the Year award was presented to Ian Rendall, of the Orkney Climbing Club, at the YCS Grand Final at RockStar Climbing in Swindon, while the ClimbScotland Young Climber of the Year went to Jamie Lowther from the Cairngorms Geckos Climbing Club, who popped into Mountaineering Scotland HQ in Perth to receive his award from CEO Stuart Younie.

Ian Rendall was chosen as Volunteer of the Year for his long and continued commitment to young people of Orkney and his role in the development of climbing there. His drive, enthusiasm and dedication to the sport have made him one of the most inspirational figures in the community.

Since joining Orkney Climbing Club around 15 years ago, he has introduced hundreds of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to the sport. Ian's commitment to the young people of Orkney has given them the opportunity to find a sport they enjoy, through the management and direct involvement in developing and maintaining a thriving youth club. This has enabled numerous young people to travel all over the UK and abroad, to meet life-long friends, and gain an appreciation of the fantastic climbing environment on their doorstep. Ian was also instrumental in securing the build of the indoor climbing facilities on Orkney and even built the bouldering wall himself with a couple of other adults from the club - all in a volunteer capacity. Ian has also become a much-admired and important member of the Mountaineering Scotland/ClimbScotland community.

ClimbScotland Young Climber of the Year was awarded to Jamie for his passion and dedication to climbing and coaching, as well as his ongoing commitment to personal development. Inspiring a new generation of climbers in Scotland, Jamie has become a role model for the sport, and continues to generously give his enthusiasm and time to young climbers.

Jamie started out as a youth member of the Cairngorms Geckos Climbing Club, where he quickly showed talent and flair for climbing, participating in youth climbing competitions and developing his indoor climbing skills, before moving on to performance outdoor climbing.

He has dedicated hundreds of hours to volunteering on club nights and outdoor sessions, as well as volunteering with ClimbScotland. Now one of the main coaches at the Cairngorms Geckos Climbing Club, Jamie has supported club members to participate in competitions – offering advice on strategy, technique and psychological support - alongside competing himself. Jamie’s commitment to his climbing career and selfless attitude to supporting others made him the standout choice for the Young Climber award.