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Scotland's outdoors is a great place to explore with your dog, but this can also have an impact on wildlife and livestock.

Be careful to avoid taking your dog into fields where there are young animals, vegetables or fruit, unless you and your dog are on a clear path and keep to it.

Keep your dog under close control if there is livestock and as far from them as possible. In the event of livestock acting aggressively, let your dog go and move away. Landowners are legally empowered to shoot any dog that is causing distress to grazing animals if they believe this is the only way to stop it.

During the bird breeding season (April to July) keep your dog under close control on a lead. This applies to all areas where ground nesting birds may be: moorland, woodland, grasslands, loch shores and the seashore. Even the on the high montane ground be alert to, for example, Dotterel or Ptarmigan, whose cryptic camouflage makes them difficult to see.

Be honest with yourself: if your dog does not walk close to heel or respond immediately to calls then use a lead before it is too late.

As with humans, when your dog needs to 'go'. You should ensure they leave no trace.

We have comprehensive advice on the issues you need to be aware of when taking your dogs into the mountains in our Taking the Dog pages.