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Streap Alba Geamhradh 2020

Thursday 12th September 2019, 4:00pm

Mountaineering Scotland is excited to announce plans to host the 2020 International Winter Climbing meet next year.

Kicking off in Aviemore on Saturday the 22nd February, the week-long event will be delivered in close partnership with the British Mountaineering Council, the Alpine Club and the Scottish Mountaineering Club, and will be part of a programme of events and activities in 2020 to celebrate 50 years of Mountaineering Scotland.

The event, which was last held in 2016, has attracted climbers from across Europe and much farther afield, looking to experience the ever-changing conditions, challenging weather, and the traditional ethics, which give Scottish winter climbing its own unique flavour, with its focus on promoting adventure and self-reliance.

The event also aims to celebrate the influence winter climbing in Scotland has had on the development of modern mountaineering equipment and techniques which have helped climbers to push standards of difficulty in mountain ranges across the globe.

An appeal for hosts for the visiting international climbers will be made in October.

Stuart Younie, Chief Executive Officer of Mountaineering Scotland, said: “As we celebrate our own half century, we’re delighted to be hosting this event which allows climbers from Europe and beyond to get a taste of the unique experience that is Scottish winter climbing.”

Co-organiser and renowned Scottish winter climber Simon Richardson said: “International guests will be accommodated in some of the best-known climbing huts in Scotland and paired with local climbers to get a personal introduction to the finest experiences our mountains have to offer. It’s also a great chance for local host climbers to broaden their own horizons through the experience of their visitors.”

Nick Colton, Deputy Chief Officer of the BMC, added: “The winter international meet has been a longstanding showcase event for Scottish winter climbing, originally organised by the BMC. It’s great to see it moving into a new set-up that’s volunteer-led and hosted by Mountaineering Scotland.  A brilliant way to celebrate 50 years of Mountaineering Scotland.”

The week of climbing is expected to culminate in a celebration event for hosts, guests and the wider Scottish climbing community in Aviemore.

*You knew, of course, but Streap Alba Geamhradh 2020 means Climb Scotland Winter 2020.