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Are you Ready To Rock?

Wednesday 13th June 2018, 10:34am

Adult indoor climbers now have a great opportunity to make the move to real rock outdoors.

A new partnership with the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) offers instructor-led sessions to introduce over-18s who already climb indoors an introduction to climbing on outdoor crags.

Up to now, Mountaineering Scotland has only offered assistance to under-18s to make the transition from climbing walls to outdoor crags.

The new Ready to Rock courses, which have already proved a hit with participants, are designed to help indoor climbers make their first moves onto rock by having a fun day out as well as covering the use of some key skills and equipment. 

Instructor Davy Virdee said: “Ready to Rock will give you the chance to take your indoor climbing skills onto the crags - get a taste for the challenge of rock climbing while learning new skills to get you started on your next climbing adventure.”

The subsidised courses are available to Mountaineering Scotland members aged 18 and over, who have already been indoor climbing and have experience of putting on and adjusting a harness, tying in to the rope and belaying a climbing partner.

During the course of the day a variety of topics will be covered, including types of trad climbing equipment, how to place good protection and build good belays, how to use guidebooks, and seconding and top-roping on real rock.

These courses are ideal for novice climbing club members, students, parents and individuals who may have had the odd taster of climbing outdoors and wish to gain key safety skills at an excellent price. They may also be a good precursor for people contemplating the Rock Climbing Instructors Award training.

Max Hunter, one of the AMI qualified instructors taking part in the scheme, said: “If you like indoor rock climbing then you’ll love real outdoor rock climbing - it’s like comparing a burger to a steak. However, be warned: it can be addictive and might change your life - it did mine!”

Nic Crawshaw added that moving to include outdoor climbing would “open up a whole new dimension of climbing.”

He said: “These courses offer a way to get started that can otherwise be hard to find. There are great climbing adventures to be had on our doorsteps.”

And Pete Nellist added: “These courses are a great opportunity to get quality professional instruction for your first experience learning to climb outside. We can help you build your skills safely giving you confidence to become a safe, confident and independent climber.”

Learn more about our Ready to Rock courses.

Read Davy Virdee’s blog for a taste of what the courses can be like.