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Get involved!

Your support can make all the difference to the success of our campaigns - whether safeguarding access rights or speaking up against insensitive developments. 

Our campaigns are shaped by the views of our members and we welcome your support, whether it takes the form of a membership subscription or making a donation, which makes our work possible, or by taking a more active role in helping us implement our policies and get the message out. Together we can keep abreast of what is going on in Scotland's mountains - positive and not so - and can raise the profile of issues when necessary.  

Update us

As a small staff and volunteer team, we rely on the intelligence we receive from hill walkers and climbers to make us aware about many of the access and landscape issues we campaign on. Our voice is made more authoritative by the support and knowledge we get from our members and supporters.

Let us know if you encounter an access challenge

Access challenges

Your first point of call for access issues when hill walking or climbing is your local access officer, but copy us in to help us build our understanding of matters that need tackling at a national level.  

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Send us your pics of tracks that are scarring the hills

Hill roads & hydro tracks

We campaign with partners to monitor and limit the proliferation of poorly constructed hill roads. Discover more and how you can help keep us informed when you are out walking. 

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Help update our bird nest news for climbing crags

Bird nesting updates

To make our bird nesting updates as comprehensive, accurate and useful as possible, we need climbers to share their crag knowledge during the breeding season. 

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Support our work

As a not-for-profit company, all our income from memberships and donations is ploughed back into our work. We also value the gift of your time or expertise too!  

Join us

If you agree with our vision for Scotland's mountains and support our campaigning on behalf of hill walkers and climbers. Help us afford to do more, become a member!

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Make a donation

Many members and clubs choose to make an extra donation when renewing each year. You might also like to consider leaving a contribution to us in your will. Find out more about how.

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Volunteer your time

We monitor and review major planning applications but don't have the resources to check all development proposals that might impact on Scotland's hills and mountains. Could you help? Contact us to find out more.

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Support our campaign partners

Here are some of the other organisations and local community groups that share some of our campaign priorities. Check out their websites for more information about how to get involved in specific campaigns. Their websites don't necessarily represent Mountaineering Scotland's views directly.

Mountaineering Scotland and the Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland (OATS) are leading a campaign to raise £100,000 to support two essential Scottish mountain path projects: Beinn a'Ghlo and Ben Vane. 

With one project in each of Scotlandís two National Parks, this is part of a GB-wide initiative, Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million, coordinated by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) in collaboration with 15 National Parks, sponsors Cotswold Outdoors and Snow+Rock, and Scottish media partner, Walkhighlands.

Contact your political representatives and decision makers

Forsinaird, Norrie Russell 

Local Access Officers

We work closely with local authority and national park access officers on hill walking and climbing specific queries, or problems that are not easily resolved, and on major issues at the National Access Forum. So...

1. If you have a local access enquiry, question or challenge, the relevant local access officer you should be your first point of call

2. Copy in our access officer so we can help, if needed, and build up a picture of any recurring or wide-ranging issues that need addressing at a national level

Wind farm in the Southern Uplands, Chris Townsend

Local Planning Authorities

The planning system is open to YOU and it needs to hear your voice if you are concerned about a particular development. Advice given to us by planning officers is that weight of numbers can influence the acceptance, conditions attached or refusal of a planning application. So...

1. Check out your local planning authority's website to keep up to date with planning proposals in your area

2. Update us of issues that fit with our criteria for response

3. Respond to planners directly with your own comments 


Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament

  • Find a full list of your local Councillors, MSPs, MP and MEPs (or those local to your particular concern) by searching by postcode on the Write To Them website. This website helpfully offers the option of sending your message immediately.

  • Alternatively, once you have their names, you can easily find their direct contact details via a search engine. Many politicians are now very active on Twitter, so you might find it useful to Tweet your message to them as well as email or letter. 

  • Here are some useful links to comprehensive information on MSPs including their interests and committee membership, the remits of Scottish Parliamentary Committees and Scottish Government Ministries and Ministers.   

Arthur's Seat keeps a watchful eye on the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood