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Mountaineering Scotland Members Meeting & AGM

Saturday 23 September 2017, Perth

When and where?

1 to 6pm at the Dewar's Centre, Glover Street, Perth PH2 0TH

Date for the 2018 Members' Meeting and AGM to be announced.

A wide range of topics, covering access, conservation, climbing and the future of Mountaineering Scotland were discussed by members, staff and directors during the Members' Meeting held before the AGM

The Chair, Mike Watson, declared the meeting open at 4.35pm on Saturday 23 September and welcomed members (a list of individual members and affiliated clubs' representatives who registered at the meeting is in the attached Registration List). The Chair also noted apologies from: Avril Gall, Director; David Montieth, Director; Jo Dytch, Individual member - nominated for election; Heather Morning, Mountain Safety Advisor; Kevin Howett, Sport Development Officer; John Fowler, SMC; Paul Harrison on behalf of Glasgow HF Outdoor Club; Alison Maddocks, Kirsten Paterson, Kenneth Thomson (all individual members); Cairngorm Club; Blantyre Hillwalking Club.

a) Roll call and appointment of tellers: at the request of the Chair, the Company Secretary appointed Jane Anderson as teller.

b) The approval of the minutes of the previous AGM and of any subsequent EGM: The meeting unanimously approved the resolution.

c) The receipt of such reports as the Board may consider appropriate to bring before the AGM for approval or information: The Chair referred to the Annual Report published in the August edition of Scottish Mountaineer magazine and on the Mountaineering Scotland website. Bob Aitken (SMC) pointed out that an apparent bar chart in the report was illustrative rather than accurate to scale, and said this should have been made clearer. The Chair accepted this point.

d) The receipt of the annual accounts and reports: The Treasurer presented the financial report and referred to extracts from the Financial Statements. She said 2016-17 was a successful financial year for Mountaineering Scotland, with a surplus of £14,462. Mountaineering Scotland was fortunate to receive continued investment from sportscotland and other organisations. She said it was hoped to recruit a full-time access and conservation officer in the near future.

Graeme Morrison (Ferranti MC) praised the clarity of the accounts, but pointed out that Mountaineering Scotland was still dependent on sportscotland for about half of its income and asked whether this was a desirable situation from the viewpoint of representing membersí interests with government which might result in a potential conflict of interest. David Gibson (CEO) said that the primary aims of Mountaineering Scotland were to represent, support and promote Scottish mountaineering and representing membersí interests is a priority. The investment agreement with sportscotland entitled them to appoint an observer to our Board which meant that they were informed about governance and strategic issues, but their representative had no voting rights and was not permitted to contribute to decisions. They were also fully aware of our concerns about landscape and planning issues. He suggested that it might be useful if the investment agreement is published on the website for membersí information and said he would action this.

e) The fixing of membersí annual subscriptions: The Chair introduced the motion to continue to charge the same rates from April 2018 as those which applied from April 2017. The motion was approved unanimously.

f) The election of the President, Treasurer and Board members: Under Article of Association 6.5, and in the absence of competing nominations, there were 7 directors eligible to serve and continue until the 2018 AGM without the need for a vote: President: Mike Watson; Treasurer Jennifer Cardno; Directors: Chris Todd, Jonathan Binny, Steve Gough, David Montieth and Avril Gall. None were challenged and all will continue until the 2018 AGM.

Two members were nominated by the Board for election:

Jo Dytch was nominated for the post of Director for Clubs, and Kat Jones was nominated for the post of Director of Membersí Services and Communications.

Jo Dytch was unable to attend the AGM. Kat Jones gave a brief introduction covering her background and interest in standing for election. Both were elected without opposition.

g) The consideration of and taking of decisions on any duly notified proposals for the adoption of any new policies or the amendment or revocation of any existing policies: There was no business tabled under this item.

h) Any other competent business: There was no business tabled under this item.

Vote of thanks

The Chair then thanked the following for their support during the year: sportscotland; Glenmore Lodge, the National Outdoor Training Centre; Mountain Training UK / Scotland; Scottish Mountaineering Trust; Herald and Times Group Magazines; St John Scotland; Scottish Mountain Rescue; Association of Mountaineering Instructors; The BMC; Mountain Aid; Tiso & Cotswold Outdoor; The Munro Society; walkhighlands; ABC Training Trust; Scottish Climbing Wall Network; EICA: Ratho & TCA Glasgow

The Chair also thanked the following supporters and volunteers: Liz Smith MSP; Graham Logan; Scott Forsyth; John Donaldson; John Leftley; John Irving, and the sponsors of the ClimbScotland Festival: Geckotech Solutions; ClipíníClimb at EICA; Psychi; Entre-Prises.

The chair then recorded his thanks to members for their support; magazine contributions; acting at competitions; donations; student training weekends; and acting as trustees. He also thanked staff and elected volunteers for their work.

There being no further business, the Chair closed the meeting.

Following the meeting the Chair made the Mountaineering Scotland Awards. The Mountaineering Scotland Volunteer of the Year Award went to the Donaldson Family, of John, Elaine and Scott, and the ClimbScotland Climber of the Year Award went to William Bosi. None were able to attend as all were involved in the IFSC World Championships that day.

Draft minutes published 27 September 2017.


List of attendees: (IM = individual member)

David Foster, Glasgow Glenmore Club

Jennifer Cardno, IM/Board

David Gibson, IM/CEO

Chris Todd, IM/Board

Stuart Roxburgh, Grampian Club

Wallace Gilbraith, IM

Jane Anderson, IM/staff

Andy Goulbourne, Perkins Slade

Chris Fenton, Edinburgh Ski Touring Club

Mike Watson, SMC/Chair

Simon Fraser, Lochaber MC

Mary McFarlane, West Lothian MC

Brian Robertson, Glenrothes Hillwalkers

Kat Jones, IM

Neil Reid, Braes of Fife MC/staff

Bob Aitken, SMC

Brian Shackleton, SMC

Thom Humphrey, Carnegie Junior CC

Graeme Morrison, Ferranti MC

Anne Morrison, Ferranti MC

John Leftley, IM

Steve Gough, IM/Board

Joy Ingram, Carn Dearg MC

Alfie Ingram, Carn Dearg MC

Emily Bryce, staff

Jamie Smith, staff